Maximize revenues from every guest: enhance room service with Manet

Prenotazione room service tramite il dispositivo Manet

Hotels are constantly transforming in order to keep up with the unpredictability of the tourist market and the ever-changing needs and expectations of guests.  It’s true that the hotel business can be challenging and stressful as many factors – like seasonality, competition, local events, travel disruption or unexpected crisis – affect this sector and, as […]

Increase hotel revenues with Manet premium features

Manet - Dashboard

Maximizing revenues is the main challenge hospitality professionals face. Hotels have perishable inventory and if a room stands empty for the night, the opportunity to earn revenue from renting it out is gone and can’t be recouped. So, the main commercial objective for any hotelier is to maximise income coming from every single occupied room: […]

Choose Manet to maximize hotel revenues from ancillary services

It is a fact that there is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty and the hospitality industry is no exception to this rule. It is also quite evident that customers of every industry become more demanding every day. Modern travelers have come to expect quick and efficient service delivery throughout all their stay. […]

Manet: Exceed your guests’ expectations​

What do modern hotel guests want? The basic rule for any accommodation facility is to make its guests feel like at home, but what makes the difference is making them feel special. Little extras and unexpected courtesy gestures will make your guests grateful to you. Exceeding your guests’ expectations is the best way to earn […]